Motor shell is not only very powerful, but also widely used, so what are the main principles in the design process?

1. In ensuring the normal use of circumstances, as far as possible to make the size, precision, grade and surface roughness level requirements lower, and is conducive to product exchange, reduce waste, ensure product quality stability.

2. Must be a simple shape, reasonable structure, in order to simplify the mould structure and simplify the working procedure processing of the part number, complete with the least and the most simple stamping processes, reduce processing and other methods, and is conducive to stamping operation to facilitate the realization of mechanization and automation of production, to improve labor productivity.

3. Must be beneficial to improve the utilization of metal materials, reducing materials, varieties and specifications, reduce material consumption as much as possible. Using cheap materials in the circumstances allow, as far as possible to make parts less waste and do not waste blanking.

4. The design of motor housing must meet the use of products and technical performance, and easy to assemble and repair.

5. The design of the steel tube motor shell should be beneficial to the use of existing equipment and process equipment and process to process it, and help to extend the service life of the die.


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