The shell is motor protection devices, we will generally use steel pipe casing. Casing are used in cast iron castings, and lathe finishing and stator core with do processing, the specific process, we introduce you to the following:

1. Because the material is not easy to ensure the shearing precision and the shears according to width size material (shell expansion geometry width), according to the length of ordinary punch size tailoring (shell expansion geometry length).

2. The new two roller rolling machine, one-time forming, curling after seam line segment A is about 3 ~ 5 times the thickness of the plate. The seams of the straight line, the welding presented herein. Rounding after a micro angle opening less than 10mm.

3. A butt welded by argon arc welding, the casing is sheathed on the mandrel, with two clamping tile frock welding, welding, welding equipment with flat. Programmable controller, motor shell welding robot by speed stabilizing device.

4. Steel pipe rolling shell after rolling, welding, the roundness of the general level of less than or equal to 0.50mm. if the fine car double check process, then shell shaping process can be eliminated. In order to cancel the fine car double check this procedure, to ensure consistency of casing holes, which ensure the consistency check mouth size the trace, radial expansion method for the shaping of the casing.


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