A variety of Aluminum motor housing, for convenient processing, high flexibility, high level, can effectively improve the additional value of the goods, can be widely used in the electronic occupation, usually containing aluminum shell and die cast aluminum housing. With the development of the industry, many enterprises have entered the ranks of production of aluminum motor housing, which leads to uneven quality of products in the market.In production, the extrusion efficiency of aluminum profile motor housing is often affected by the following factors:

1. Reasonable packing to avoid crushing, is an effective way to improve the rate of finished products, depending on the product shape, wall thickness of stratified, increase the packing division bar of each layer, in order to avoid aluminum shell products crushed.

2. The extrusion part of aluminum motor housing adopts the aluminum alloy cast bar which conforms to the production schedule to prevent batch waste, and is the premise to improve the yield.

3. Aluminum casing cutting length must be accurate, to ensure the accuracy of fixed length, each cutting a secondary note length baffle plate can not move, head of unity in place.

4. Process specification is a forceful guarantee for improving the rate of finished products. To strictly enforce the "three temperature standards cannot be produced, without moving the center of the mold, to ensure proper boot speed. The shear rod is not long, ensure the process wastes in accordance with the specification.


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